Early Thoughts from Japan (Okinawa)

Early Thoughts from Japan (Okinawa)

Below, you are going to see bullet points. That is the stylistic/formative approach I’m taking for this literary deposition. I’m not being lazy or cheap, if that’s what you’re thinking. It’s just easier to organize a collection of observations like this in bullet form. Also, if you were thinking that I was being lazy, or cheap, eat shit.

So, after a week in Southern Japan (Okinawa,) here are some of my more acute thoughts:

  • The water is type of vibrant blue like I’ve never really seen before. I’ve been to places like Southern California, Florida, The Bahamas, etc., and I’ve never seen this type of color. It’s gorgeous. It has that look that calls upon your poetic awareness. From my balcony or the beach itself, when I see the water, I’m moved. I’m moved by its color. There is a hue that is both sharp and lurid; serene, too. Its beauty humbles you. Last night, as I was exchanging banter (whatsap messaging) with a side-chic from back home, I inquired if she “was missing this d*ck?” … I didn’t press send. The water was too pretty. It looked too sacred. I deleted and re-typed. “I miss you and pray you find happiness and warmth befitting of your star.” The ocean is that beautiful. It is that blue.
  • The McDonalds staff, which we visited after a late night, soundly took and executed our order. It wasn’t a simple order, either, as we were a little inebriated (drunk). No Japanese was spoken on our end and our cab driver–as pleasant as he was–couldn’t help because he didn’t speak English. It didn’t matter. The order was prepared in an accurate and timely manner. Their service was impressive; something many McDonalds in America, that coincidentally provide services in English, could strive to imitate.
  • Cars drive on the left. That’s not a particularly sharp observation, but as much as it titty-f*cks my mind when I see it, it’s worth noting.
  • Japanese women are beautiful. My infatuation, which began at thirty five thousand feet when a Japanese stewardess put her hot towel all up on me, has only intensified. Porcelain features coupled with high-pitched giggling. Both “porcelain features” and “high-pitched giggling” are high frequency search keywords I use on adult sites.
  • I haven’t found a type of Japanese cuisine I don’t like. This may change, but as of now, my appetite has been ravenous and their menu has been more than satisfactory.
  • My skill with chop sticks is now best defined as proficient. Rice, eggs, noodles, and vegetables are no longer a problem. My dexterity has heightened and I’m just itching to finger someone (girl).
  • Basic communication in Japan is much more simple than Korean. I am still going to try to learn both, but as of now, if by chance I needed more than my above average looks/smile to communicate, Japanese would be easier.

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