Too Cold for the Beach

beach.pngAfter about seven beers, you can go in the water. Before that, it is too cold.

This morning, I tried. Like I said, too cold. The beer helped, though, because of the pee.

The water here is gorgeous. That cannot be said enough. It is a sharp blue that is unmistakably inviting. It is royal, in areas where it runs deep, and it fades to teal, when reefs make it shallow. It is pretty as it is lurid. The sand is legit too. Soft and white, like most women I’ve been with. Small amounts of rock and pebble creep from the water, lingering upon the beach. The consistency is still fine, though, never approaching coarse. Where my words don’t do justice, a picture would. You would glance a tropical setting, leading most to say “paradise”.

But, you can’t feel that picture (figuratively: you figuratively cannot feel the weather in the picture). As pretty as the beach is, it is still too cold.

Initially, upon arrival, here at the Rizzan Sea Park Hotel, I was upset. The view from my room was lovely, and it would be great to stare upon for the next three weeks, but I would only be able to look at it. It would never be more than a view.

Growing up, I didn’t go to the beach much. I’m not sure why. I’m not sure if it was because it was always too cold, and you just don’t go to the beach when it’s cold, or if it is because my parents generally didn’t enjoy the company of the other and years later would divorce. Either way, I didn’t go much. I tend to think it had to do with the weather. Beaches, with barefoot-worthy sand, are to be visited during times of accelerated heat. That made sense when I was younger and it makes sense now.

Since I’ve been here, though, in Okinawa, because of amazing landscape and scenic views, I’ve spent a lot of my time outside; despite the cold. It’s just too pretty. If I haven’t been writing or watching baseball or taking personal time (mom reads all my posts now–mentioning divorce is fine, but she’s not on board with strippers or porn–in this instance, personal time denotes porn), I’ve been outside. I’ve been at the beach–or in close proximity. I’ve found certain things to do, certain ways, braving inclement weather, to enjoy the beach.

So, if you’re ever in Okinawa, and it happens to be a little too chilly for sultry beach activity, try some of what I’ve been doing. I’m in a pretty high quality mental state right now and I’ve been smiling a lot. I haven’t needed much personal time.

    • Explore: This ties in a bit with meditative activities I will mention next, but I’ve done it so much it deserves an individual bullet. Think about times as a child, when you were happiest. I imagine those recollections to either involve you venturing outside with friends, finding things or defacing the house that hands out toothbrushes on Halloween. Some of the best things in life are unexpected. This is true for children, as I’m sure you can remember, and it holds true for adults. Wander the beach looking for cool shit. Skip rocks and collect shells. Find cliffs/ocean rocks and engrave dope things like, “Beau was here.” Exploring is good for the soul. Walk and trek without a plan. On the first day I found a glass sea rock shaped like a five point star and yesterday I picked up an at-first-glance-jellyfish-then-turned-condom-up-close. Always something new.
    • Meditate: Part of exploring is engaging in a sensory experience. Focus on everything around you. You can’t go in the water, but see it. Listen to it as the waves crash and tide rolls. Feel the cool air rush against you. Get lost in your sight, taking note of the plants and the trees that adorn seaside rocks. Find a spot and sit. Focus on sight and sound. Think about this spot you found and bring goodness to it, as did the great explorers before–except Columbus, he brought Chlamydia.
  • Journal: Even as someone who loves writing, I’ve never been one to record personal thoughts and feelings of the day. I mean, I do it in a more public forum, like Facebook, so girls can see my talent, but never personally. I don’t journal in that way. Instead, in the solace of a nice outdoor spot, adjacent the beach, I brainstorm. I’ve collected tons of ideas about many different things, noting and formulating them. It’s amazing the creativity you will find in places like this, even if you’re nuts are frosting (cold).
  • Throw Rocks: I’ve told people I don’t like to “kick rocks.” This isn’t the same thing. Skipping rocks is another vestige of childhood happiness that should still be experienced. Walk the beach and look for smooth rocks with flat surfaces. Pick them up and throw them, trying to skim and ripple the ocean surface. I’m athletic and typically yield four to five skips. I couldn’t throw a baseball to first in an accurate and efficient manner, but I can skip the F out of some stones.
  • Exercise: I didn’t mention this during the bullet pertaining to exploration. I didn’t feel like it. But you should try running on or alongside the beach. I’ve done it every morning and each time is something different and special. Cars drive on the left side of the road here, if you’re a renegade and feel above the sidewalk.
  • Stretching and/or yoga: Do that on the beach too. It’s better.


***There is also a zip-line available here. It is one hotel over from us, at the Sheraton. I haven’t tried that yet, as my buddy is still trying to get clearance from his baseball team. If you are near a zip-line, especially one that runs over an ocean, you should try it, pussy.beach selife.png

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