Millennial’s Playbook (working title)

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When you live in Asia for four months and your only job is separating white and dark laundry for your best friend, you have lot of time to write.

In my spare time–9 to 5–I’ve been trying to finish a book.

I think I’m almost done.

I’m not sure.

As of now I think it’s going to be called “Millennial’s Playbook”. I think I’m going to call it that because it is a book I wrote trying to help my generation (Millennial). It is a collection of everything  I do, everything I’ve learned, and everything I believe that has helped me become a better person. Basically, it is a compendium of tips and habits that I think can be of some aid to the millennial in pursuit of growth and happiness… If you just gagged, I get that. You probably are recalling images of me puking and/or aggressively discarding clothes (see title picture); now I’m coming at you with “self-help”. I get the reservations. But it’s not like that, I promise. The only intent I have is to inspire people to commit to growth and try to become their best selves along the way.

Below is the introduction from the book followed by a tip I selected. The tips are all simple and broad. The book is comprised of a few hundred of them–covering most major Millennial topics. I mention ex-girlfriends and Emma Watson a lot.



Five reasons why you shouldn’t read this book.

(Applies to publishers and agents, too, if evaluating this work.)

1.) Lack of cited, credible information and sources:

Including a references section and properly citing a book is a big production. I don’t want to do it. I won’t plagiarize or take credit for words that aren’t my own, but I’ll push that envelope a bit. All tips and thoughts are adaptations of information I’ve absorbed. They are unique to me and things that I’ve done.

2.) Lack of credentials:

Basically, I’m just some guy. I have a bachelors in political science from LSU–nothing to do with this book–where I eeked out passing grades. I have no specialization that I can prove with legitimate credentialing. My erudition–personally claimed–lies with the information (books, articles, podcasts, pertinent Instagram follows, etc.) I process and the commitment I’ve made to people. I will use words like erudition to compensate.

3.) Forced Jokes:

Tense moments make me uncomfortable; they always have. Whether I was the little kid dropping a joke to break the “sidepiece-tension” between mom and dad or the young adult turning the office into a putt-putt after lay-offs, I’ve always made those jokes. I will do the same in this book. When subject matter broaches the stages of profound/impactful, I will make jokes. The joke will probably be about an ex-girlfriend.

4.) First book:

This is the first book I have ever written. I will make mistakes that I probably would not have made if this was my third or fourth attempt. You should be wary of that.

5.) “Let me tell you why I suck”:

Sometimes I get lazy. Sometimes I’m more concerned with women and money. Sometimes I send late night texts that say “Sup”. Sometimes I’m mean when I’m drunk. Sometimes I embellish. Sometimes I read half of a book and claim to have read the whole thing. Sometimes I use large words that I don’t have a great understanding for to appear smarter. Sometimes I recycle jokes. Sometimes I defy established grammatical rules to feel better about myself. Sometimes I drive by the blind and deaf school in my neighborhood and when they are having football practice I think of the quarterback attempting to audible and I laugh… I do all of those things. I am not proud of them and I am working to change, but sometimes, that is me.

That is why you shouldn’t read this book. I wanted to be upfront and honest and save you time as you surely would have met those conclusions on your own.

Now, I will tell you why you should read this book–why I would like it if you did.

This book is about growth and it is about happiness.

I use happiness with calculated intention. Per me, happiness is utilizing and optimizing your mind and body to bring benefit to yourself and to those around you. I think that’s a pretty good definition. I also believe that growth is the most important thing to life. Per Tony Robbins–who shaped a lot of what I do– “Growth is life”. I’ve formulated this book to include the tips and thoughts that have brought me the most growth and happiness.

As stated, I am no one famous. Maybe by the time you read this that will have changed and my ex-gf will have reached out, but as of now, my clout is weak. What I am though is a young man who believes in certain things. I live according to a simple creed:

I am capable of anything and everything because I am in control of my mind and my body and I am my greatest resource.

That belief has become a standard. And that standard has taught me that as a millennial, living in a world full of information and possibility, I can improve upon myself in any way I want.

Over the last few years of my life, as I’ve become a young adult in a working world, I’ve worked to improve myself in five major areas. These areas are what I base my growth upon and they are what bring me the most happiness. All tips and thoughts to follow will be things I have implemented to improve one of these topics. I have written an abstract for each topic, so you can understand why I value them and why I’m suggesting them to you.

(I have not made a joke in over 265 words.)


Falling Asleep with Affirmations

Several tips in this book will call upon the strength of your mind. This is one of them.

Right before I go to sleep there are a few things I like to do. Typically I am laying down, in my bed, or hers–if she is attractive enough to warrant a sleepover–and I engage myself one final time.

In these final moments before the snooze, I think of my standards. I remind myself of the person I am and the person I want to be. In my head I make these affirming statements. Sometimes I will say them out loud, if I am by myself, or drunk. Example:

I believe in the inherent good in this world. I am capable of doing all things I set out to because I am committed to growth and improvement. I love my life because of the friends and family and opportunity that surround me.

I make broad, general statements like that, to relish a little in positivity and optimism, and then I make more specific affirmations; in line with my current goals.

I will improve every day as a writer because I am committed to making others happy through my words. I will improve my mind and body every day because that is the type of person I am. Emma Watson will respond to one of my DM’s.

I make these statements several time and when I am enveloped in the belief and feelings they create, I turn to my ZZZ’s. Sometimes though I will take the affirmations a step further, and I will actually visualize myself achieving my goals. I envision and embody the feelings that I know will come with the joys of completed said goals. Literary groupies appear in my visualizations more often than not.

These affirmations call upon the connection between the conscious and subconscious mind. The only information I want to feed my mind and body, especially before sleep, will be in line with my beliefs and goals. Even if you think the conscious/subconscious connection is horseshit, I promise that if you fall asleep in positive thought or vision, the benefits will be tangible to you.

I promise.

Emma, write back.

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