Fun Adult

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Fun Adult

I’m 27. In one month I will be 28. I’m old.

I received a Facebook message concerning information about my high school class reunion (Class of 08) last week. Immediately, after instinctively reflecting upon two high-school ex’s and what occurred in my Subaru Impreza, I felt compelled to ignore and delete the message. Recognizing that event, what it represents, is basically recognizing that the cool shit in my life is over. That was how I looked at it.

In 2008 I did what I wanted and avoided what I didn’t. I woke every morning excited and anxious. I was young, and possibility and opportunity were of the ubiquitous variety. That’s how you think when you’re that age. High school and college were the best times of your life and you remember them precisely that way. As time advances—as it inevitably will—and things like college and youth come and go, you’re resigned—forced—into adulthood. You live in responsibility and your scope of potentiality wanes. Aspirations fold. You make adult decision, and life just doesn’t have that same mix of bliss as it did when you were young.

You get old.

I closed the group message on Facebook and for a few minutes I sat in some gloom. It’s tough realizing what is behind you, acknowledging what you’ll never have again. It’s tough and it’s kinda sad.

So, I picked myself from my trance and left my office, walking back into my living room. I resumed my activities of the day.

First, I finished the game of pool I was playing with my roommate Jerry Foster. It was Friday and on Fridays we play pool for beer and uber fares. He had only the eight-ball left to make to secure victory. I pulled my shorts down and sat atop the table nearest the corner-pocket he was aimed. I ripped ass, effectively in rhythm with his stroke, and he scratched. I won. Hopping down from the table I grabbed Jerry’s phone and confirmed an Uber fare. I farted on him again, too. Then, as I had 11 minutes before the arrival of Mercedes, our Uber driver, driving a Kia, I walked back to my room. I put on a pair of jeans and a Holiday t-shirt depicting a line of successive reindeer tossing the salad of the reindeer to its linear front. Now, clothed, I moved to put some product in my hair. Before reaching the small can of pomade, I realized I hadn’t communicated with my girlfriend, Lenka (lenkamarie_), in the previous few hours. I missed her, and she is special to me. Quickly, since Mercedes was en route, I took off my jeans and my illicit shirt. I was naked, because I don’t wear underwear. I stood in front of my bathroom mirror and captured a nude photo of myself. I sent the image to her via text paired with the corresponding message.

“Love you, heading out. Can’t wait to see you next week. #Hammertime”.

Thirty minutes later, after Jerry and I had met up with a large group of our friends at a downtown bar, my girlfriend responded.

“Lol, grow up.”

That was what she said. In a lightning bolt form of epiphany, sparked by her concluding words, I realized something. I realized something amazing, something that I am going to write about for the next few months and something I want other people to know—to relish:

We are never old. Our body and physical functions may fade, regressing as is natural, but the life we live can always have that same zest of youth. Adulthood is not conforming and it does not demand repression of the shit we love to do—the shit we love to think. Yes, finances and responsibility become more real, and kids tend to happen, but so too does opportunity and fun. You can still do the same thing in a Jeep Grand Cherokee that you can do in a Subaru Impreza—obviously avoiding high school parking lots this time around—and you can still have the same fun you did—excited like a kid—as an adult. Your body will age as will your physicality, but your mind is always yours. Keep it that way. Embrace life as a fun adult.*

That sequence of events—from the reunion notice to the text from the lady—is really what happened that led me to this post. I had been thinking for a few weeks, unsuccessfully, about what I wanted to write next, and I wasn’t really having any luck. I was stuck between the idea of a “bromance” novel and an inappropriate fairy tale. I still may revisit those, but I knew I could do better. I was flustered, struggling for material, and I was contemplating work at Enterprise Rental Car (because they give you the tools to be your own boss). Then, organically, the above happened… The reindeer shirt also happened and is what led Nancy to place my travel belongings on her front lawn at last years Christmas visit.

Over the next few months I’m going to write about this subject matter. I’ll explain more, in a future post, but for clarities sake, this is what I want to accomplish:


  •  Being fun and having fun is NOT immaturity.
  • Creative and exciting thinking (fun) is always best for your career and your relationships.
  • People don’t like boring or pretentious.
  • Making other people happy, reducing suffering, is the best aim one can have—best done via energy, love, and compassion… Energy, love, and compassion are more often than not found at a good house or office party.
  • The best way to selfless living is thinking about doing and making others happy.
  • Stuffy get-togethers suck. Embrace what you learned in college and let it fly.
  • Even as an adult, growth never stops. You can always continue to learn and you can always chase new goals. JUST like you did as a kid.
  • One can still be hardworking and responsible and still live the life of the fun adult.
  • Live with a “zest for life.” I put it in quotes because I can’t remember who said that but I remember reading it. I love it.
  • Heck yea!
    • Trying to stop cursing or succumbing to easy vulgarity. The fun adult makes adjustments.

This post is kind of an intro, or a heads-up, about a lot of the stuff I’m going to write next. It is what I believe and it is the type of thinking and living that constitue my person. I’m going to write about it with the intention of doing good, maybe shedding light on some thoughts and ideas that can help you/us. Subject matter and posts to follow will hit all ends of the spectrum, both long and short, but the ish will always be about the Fun Adult.
These posts will be found on my site under the tab, “Fun Adult”. That should make sense.


*Do refrain from dong pics though unless she is a wife or a serious girlfriend with a future.


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