Month: September 2019

Harry Potter, a Harvard Study, and the Mind Body Connection

(Excerpt below, in italics, is from the sixth installment of the Harry Potter Series, “The Half Blood Prince.” I say “excerpt,” unofficially, because I wrote it from memory. I’m like 99 percent sure it’s accurate…) … The rain came, heavy, smashing into the stone turrets and dancing upon the highest towers of Hogwarts Castle. Wind

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Not Your Father’s P.E. Class (Exercise for the Brain)

Let me save you some time right out the gate and tell you to go read “Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain”; if you want the real substance. What I am going to say is good, because I’m good, but I think it most prudent if you go read the full

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Mind-Body Habit Forming and A Shopping Cart

I’m sitting in a coffee shop with a feint morning light splintering the room; two chairs next to me are occupied. I’m wearing reading glasses devoid of prescription and I’m taking aim at an attractive girl that is best described as earthy/edgy/book-holding-sultry; she digs the glasses to fair-trade vibe I’m putting out. When the coffee

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