Month: October 2019

Anxiety: Excited To Be Anxious

This post is about anxious thinking and how it can lead to anxiety. In it—the post—I’m going to create two different happenings of the same event. The only difference will be in the perspective. One of the examples is fictional. The other… is fictional too. But if I work really hard and believe in myself

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Amy Cuddy, author of national bestseller, “Presence,” has my attention. And she has it good. I’m rivetted, I think, because I read her book—aforementioned—and then I watched her TED talk presentation right after. Both were great. And she is attractive. That’s not chauvinistic or demeaning, either; also not fodder for people who love to be

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Champ: A Tribute

I told my mom about Champ, and his passing, and she said something very wise. After a brief pause, and then an inquiry as to how Anthony (Champ’s owner/father) was doing, she spoke in explanative consolation. “I don’t remember where exactly I heard this,” she began, “but I think it’s remarkably true. Dogs live shorter

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