Yoga at F45 Baton Rouge: Self Care

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*** (Note: this is a short post intended for our F45 community in Baton Rouge, relating to our upcoming yoga evening sessions. Too many words for Linkedin, so I posted here, first. Just an FYI, to all my readers (hi mom).)

Sometimes a crude, or simple illustration is the best way to get a point across; with regards to self-love and improvement, lets try it:

Flight attendant proceeds to front of plane. One attendant is serving as a mime while another speaks through the loudcom system. After a helpful demonstration unto seat-belt manipulation, a little yellow fruit cup with a bag affixed to it is produced. The miming attendant puts the fruit cup on her face while the speaker tells us to ignore our family and small children and make sure we, the individual, can breathe first. We look around—realizing that’s a little harsh—but then comprehend that we’re no help to little Johnny if we are unconscious. We get it: take care of yourself before helping others.

If I’m a terrible writer, that italicized scene was that of a flight attendant stressing the importance of putting your oxygen mask on first, in case of emergency, before helping anyone else. 

If that was understood, great; let’ now examine the subject of the analogy a bit further. I’ll use prettier words and sentences and talk about love…

This coming Wednesday, in light of Valentine’s Day, we’ve decided to theme our evening yoga session with an emphasis on self-love. Our instructor, and friend, Michelle Boullion, will feature movements and concentration based on the heart, guiding us toward love and energy within us. We are excited, as this is something that now, in a time of social turmoil and widespread disease, is more important than it ever has been: to turn inward.

Yoga, in a beautiful, present form enables us to sync our mind and body. As problems around us abound—within our communities and on larger scales nationally/globally—learning to love yourself is how we bring calm and empathy back to our lives. External noise (Covid news, political drama, societal restrictions, Justin Bieber) can make us victims. We become overwhelmed by things external, subject to things we can’t control. 

In simple practice, yoga can guide you back to what matters, to what you can both cultivate and control: you

To beat disease you first have to be healthy. 

To make others happy you must first be happy yourself. 

To make social change you must first become a stoic, calm, certain in who you are.


To love another, you must first love yourself.


If your plane is destabilized, or going down, stiff arm the kid until your mask is on and you’re secure and able to help. If you feel compelled to make a change in this world, or, to give your love to another on Valentines day, connect first to your heart. Sync mind-body through posture and breath (yoga) and recognize the love within. 

To be selfless you must first be selfish; becoming a foundation for others to stand upon. Look inward, with love, and then share what you find.

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