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Walter White, McDonalds, and a Taxi (in Japan)

Walter White, McDonalds, and a Taxi Ride (in Japan) Anthony and I are nearing a month away from domestic soil… That’s actually not true. We were in Guam for 11 days. Guam is a United States territory. I’m not sure why I’m still typing and explaining myself when the backspace/delete button is within reach with

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Korean Baseball

Traveling and world experience are the paramount reasons I decided to move abroad–in Asia. When I return to home, in seven months, I hope to have gained invaluable life experience. I hope to be able to effectively communicate in another language and I hope to have gained at least several thousand Korean Instagram followers. I

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Early Thoughts from Japan (Okinawa)

Early Thoughts from Japan (Okinawa) Below, you are going to see bullet points. That is the stylistic/formative approach I’m taking for this literary deposition. I’m not being lazy or cheap, if that’s what you’re thinking. It’s just easier to organize a collection of observations like this in bullet form. Also, if you were thinking that

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