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“Flow”: Dealing With Pain, Turning Bad Into Good, and Reactivating Tinder

Jesus, the guy gets one tattoo and now he’s breaking down classic psychology. Blow me. … I know. You’re right in thinking that. You’re a dick, but you’re right. Who cares. “Flow” is a book about optimal experience. The book encapsulates everything relevant and needed to achieve that optimal experience whereas the word itself is

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A Millennial Interpretation of Tony Robbin’s “Ten Rules for Success”: how applying it can change your life and/or impress your mom

Tony’s Ten Rules for Success (Unauthorized Interpretation by: Beau Didier) … Oooohhh, be careful, Beau. Don’t f*ck this up funny man… Be honest, that’s what you thought when you read this title. That’s ok. Subject matter I’ve written about in the past dictates you should think that way. Last week my mom told me she was

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Gym Stereotypes

This is a post I wrote awhile back for a former blog endeavor. I was in my hotel gym today and a nice looking Asian couple came in and completed an intense, synchronized type lift. I was both impressed and envious. It reminded me of this post. Below is an edited, updated version of what

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