Gofundme: Pool Table to Impress Hot Girl



Gofundme: Vegas, Baby, Vegas

We’re going to Vegas for a bachelor party… It will be Halloween weekend and 25 of the closest of pals will be there together—ready to light something or someone on fire. Gambling, liquor, fist pumping, and Celine Dion live. All of it. If you are a male above the age of 21 and that scenario

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2017 Guide to Watching Sports

(Yes, that’s my dad with Ken Griffey Jr…. Respect that.) 2017 Guide to Watching Sports ***Disclaimer: For those of you familiar with my writing, or just me in general, I do stuff like this when I drink. I’ve had about 4 glasses of a nice red, 2011—after I let it breathe—and I felt like writing.

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