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Busan Beach Trip

I know this title photo is aggressive. It may make you uncomfortable. I felt uncomfortable taking the picture–knowing I shouldn’t be looking at it let alone documenting it. But it is especially pertinent, I think, to my Korean beach trip. As this man was adorning the double-up-thong, so too were many others. It was commonplace.

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10 Selfish Reasons I Wish for Peaceful Resolution in Korea

10 Selfish Reasons Why I Wish for Peaceful Resolution in Korea   I started to write a disclaimer. I stopped and decided to make the disclaimer the concluding number on the list, out of respect. People offer their lives and their service protecting their countries. That’s the highest form of sacrifice and something I would

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Too Cold for the Beach

After about seven beers, you can go in the water. Before that, it is too cold. This morning, I tried. Like I said, too cold. The beer helped, though, because of the pee. … The water here is gorgeous. That cannot be said enough. It is a sharp blue that is unmistakably inviting. It is

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