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#NationalRunningDay: The Mindful Battle of the Runner

(#NationalRunningDay was last week. Apologies for a delayed, hashtag irrelevant post. My mom was trying to log into my Netflix account to watch Madmen but couldn’t figure it out. She needed my help, so I was late getting the post up.)     Whenever a hashtag is involved, and something is trending on Twitter, it

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Daily Wins

Daily Wins   It’s important to win every day. … I hope that opening line grabbed you. I’m going to assume it did. That’s a win for me. … Typically when you hear the term “moral victory”, you picture athletically challenged kids–nerds–and you picture them getting participation trophies. “Everybody-wins” probably also comes to mind. You

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Gym Stereotypes

This is a post I wrote awhile back for a former blog endeavor. I was in my hotel gym today and a nice looking Asian couple came in and completed an intense, synchronized type lift. I was both impressed and envious. It reminded me of this post. Below is an edited, updated version of what

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