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GoFundMe (Korean airfare for hot lady)

https://www.gofundme.com/airfareforattractivelady Below is the actual content from the gofundme page, if you didn’t feel clicking the link. …. (Photo explanation: This is a photo of my best friend in Korea, Henry. He is the son of my two American friends, Darin and Libby. I use this picture to illustrate the severity of the current situation

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Gofundme: For my Poor Minor League Baseball Playing Friend

(Below is a gofundme plea I wrote for a friend who made the mistake of joking with me. After a long day of spring training, he texted me, venting about minor league pay, and joked that I should write a gofundme for him. He was joking. I wasn’t. I had about seven beers and wrote

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