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Fun Adult

Fun Adult I’m 27. In one month I will be 28. I’m old. … I received a Facebook message concerning information about my high school class reunion (Class of 08) last week. Immediately, after instinctively reflecting upon two high-school ex’s and what occurred in my Subaru Impreza, I felt compelled to ignore and delete the

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Daily Wins

Daily Wins   It’s important to win every day. … I hope that opening line grabbed you. I’m going to assume it did. That’s a win for me. … Typically when you hear the term “moral victory”, you picture athletically challenged kids–nerds–and you picture them getting participation trophies. “Everybody-wins” probably also comes to mind. You

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A Millennial Interpretation of Tony Robbin’s “Ten Rules for Success”: how applying it can change your life and/or impress your mom

Tony’s Ten Rules for Success (Unauthorized Interpretation by: Beau Didier) … Oooohhh, be careful, Beau. Don’t f*ck this up funny man… Be honest, that’s what you thought when you read this title. That’s ok. Subject matter I’ve written about in the past dictates you should think that way. Last week my mom told me she was

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