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Mindful Meditation Explained… Kind Of

MEDITATION EXPLAINED… KIND OF (This post is written in response/supplement to Anthony Ranaudo’s latest post upon meditation. If you don’t want to read it again, or haven’t yet, it was great. It was great and in it he shared his personal experiences and routine with meditation. Check out his website and post here: http://www.ranaudo-baseball.com/2018/11/06/mentalhealthandmeditation/ )  

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Mental Strength And The Athlete:5 Things Great Athletes DON’T Do

I’M STANDING IN THE DUGOUT, NEXT TO THE WATER COOLER. I’M TRYING VERY HARD TO BLEND IN. Don’t make eye contact. Look down. He doesn’t see you. He (coach) is walking in my direction. I’m terrified. He’s going to put me in the game as a defensive replacement and I’m going to have warm up

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13 Things Happy People Do

  Mentally strong people are great. Really, really great. I met that conclusion after completing the pictured book (above/title pic) “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do.” Written by reputable psychotherapist, Dr. Amy Morin, the book succinctly outlines exactly what it is mentally strong people do, and, don’t do. It is simply written, very direct,

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