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Anxiety: Excited To Be Anxious

This post is about anxious thinking and how it can lead to anxiety. In it—the post—I’m going to create two different happenings of the same event. The only difference will be in the perspective. One of the examples is fictional. The other… is fictional too. But if I work really hard and believe in myself

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The Zen of Champ

I wrote this to honor my best friend Champ, who is currently battling some health issues. He is making a recovery, like you would expect, because he is the Champ. He is also the dog of my current tenant, Anthony Ranaudo. Thank you. …   (Insert deep-breath/mantra here) There are a few things working in

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Mental Strength And The Athlete:5 Things Great Athletes DON’T Do

I’M STANDING IN THE DUGOUT, NEXT TO THE WATER COOLER. I’M TRYING VERY HARD TO BLEND IN. Don’t make eye contact. Look down. He doesn’t see you. He (coach) is walking in my direction. I’m terrified. He’s going to put me in the game as a defensive replacement and I’m going to have warm up

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