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Millennial Playbook ($3.99, My Book)

To any friends from Facebook, sorry for cramming this in your face. Ignore it. I read a financial book and the message was that it would behoove me to make any products I sell more readily available. So, Via Amazon… … https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-millenial-playbook-beau-didier/1127562335?ean=9781387318100 (Barnes and Noble link listed above. Nooks are nice and B Nobes is

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Meditation Basics (How I started)

Below is a post I had written a few months back when I had ideas of a wellness/self-help blog. I didn’t follow through with it, as I was just trying to impress a yoga instructor, but I kept the writing. I also kept meditating. As I’ve grown, it has helped me tremendously. I also just

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