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AirBnB and Me

  My roommate and close personal friend, Jerry Foster, left for Spring Training. He left a little over a week ago. When he left his room was empty and clean. He put forth a nice gesture of friendship prior to departure and he cleaned. It meant a lot. It also enabled me to efficiently and

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Wanted: Date for Sister’s Wedding (must meet requirements)

Yesterday I was in the shower… I’ll let that sink in. … I was in the shower and I was listening to music. I don’t pay for utilities so I listened to about seven songs. I played the last song twice. It was an absolute jam and it was upbeat. It also gave me an

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Ping Pong in Japan

Sometimes, in sports, greatness presents itself. Sometimes. It is rare. … I walked into the Okinawa Sheraton lobby-gameroom. I was better than everyone. I hadn’t played yet, but I knew it. They knew it too… … The scene is initially murky. There is a haze that forms; tangible. It is ominous and foreboding. It is

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