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AirBnB and Me

  My roommate and close personal friend, Jerry Foster, left for Spring Training. He left a little over a week ago. When he left his room was empty and clean. He put forth a nice gesture of friendship prior to departure and he cleaned. It meant a lot. It also enabled me to efficiently and

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2 Tips from The Millennial Playbook

30.) How to tell if you’re that couple (not a good thing) (Relationships) To be clear, I’ve been that couple. I didn’t realize it at the time, but now removed a few years, infinitely wiser, I begrudgingly claim that disrepute (and take responsibility). Like the rest of this book, I hope my experiences and realizations

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Korean Baseball (Part Three)

It has been nearly two months since my last post about Korean baseball. I think that is too long, since Korean baseball is exactly the reason I’m here. I have watched numerous games and I’ve observed numerous things. Some of them are legit–namely the aggressive lady dancers–and some are too much. I’ve seen games in

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