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Living Eulogy

“Oh God,” Nancy pouted into the phone, “you’re not going to Asia again, are you?” I had just mentioned to my mother (Nancy), a book I recently finished, The Road to Character. The book, written by author David Brooks, examines the different measures of success, eventually working to address what is real and what is

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“Be anxious of nothing, be grateful for everything.”

There are few instances when the spoken word has really moved me to action. There have probably been even fewer when I was moved to a perspective change. I’ve met motivation before, sure, and inspiration isn’t hard to find—any IG wellness account or yoga “instructor” in a downward dog will do that—but coming across content

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A Millennial Interpretation of Tony Robbin’s “Ten Rules for Success”: how applying it can change your life and/or impress your mom

Tony’s Ten Rules for Success (Unauthorized Interpretation by: Beau Didier) … Oooohhh, be careful, Beau. Don’t f*ck this up funny man… Be honest, that’s what you thought when you read this title. That’s ok. Subject matter I’ve written about in the past dictates you should think that way. Last week my mom told me she was

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