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Amy Cuddy, author of national bestseller, “Presence,” has my attention. And she has it good. I’m rivetted, I think, because I read her book—aforementioned—and then I watched her TED talk presentation right after. Both were great. And she is attractive. That’s not chauvinistic or demeaning, either; also not fodder for people who love to be

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Not Your Father’s P.E. Class (Exercise for the Brain)

Let me save you some time right out the gate and tell you to go read “Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain”; if you want the real substance. What I am going to say is good, because I’m good, but I think it most prudent if you go read the full

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A Little Business Zen

I like to think there is a certain credibility that goes along with tattooing personal beliefs on the body. A certain conviction that emboldens ones mantra and being.  I hope that’s true, anyways, or Nancy* was definitely right and justified in removing me from her will… I just say that, though—and lead with it—because that

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