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Fun Adult

Fun Adult I’m 27. In one month I will be 28. I’m old. … I received a Facebook message concerning information about my high school class reunion (Class of 08) last week. Immediately, after instinctively reflecting upon two high-school ex’s and what occurred in my Subaru Impreza, I felt compelled to ignore and delete the

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2 Tips from The Millennial Playbook

30.) How to tell if you’re that couple (not a good thing) (Relationships) To be clear, I’ve been that couple. I didn’t realize it at the time, but now removed a few years, infinitely wiser, I begrudgingly claim that disrepute (and take responsibility). Like the rest of this book, I hope my experiences and realizations

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5 Things I Wish I Could Bring to Korea

I’ve been sitting for a few minutes thinking about the best way to preface this short list. I’m struggling. I’ve typed and deleted several hundred words and four South Korean jets have flown over the apartment since I sat down. … I’m struggling because I don’t want to contradict myself. I’ve been working very hard

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