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Live Every Day Like You’re AARP

“Live every day like it’s your last.” It’s something you’ve heard before. It’s also something that has been ruined, for most people, because of the people who typically say it. You know, the “entrepreneurs,” the people who came up with YOLO and the guys who tan. They don’t mean the words because they don’t live

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Busan Beach Trip

I know this title photo is aggressive. It may make you uncomfortable. I felt uncomfortable taking the picture–knowing I shouldn’t be looking at it let alone documenting it. But it is especially pertinent, I think, to my Korean beach trip. As this man was adorning the double-up-thong, so too were many others. It was commonplace.

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Midnight Train to Seoul

Midnight Train to Seoul (and a ferry ride to Japan) I’m writing this post re-telling events from a few days back. I needed that much time to decompress. Spoiler alert: In 48 hours I attempted to scale a moving train, was assumed an international thief, scolded for dodging traffic outside of Seoul Olympic stadium, drunk

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