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3 Quotes I like, one of them is mine

  Sometimes, when we party or take vacations, we stray from things we’ve been working to cultivate. Circumstances and conditions push us from our goals. We stray from habits we’ve been trying to instill and the beliefs we’ve been trying to imbue. We go to the beach and we pee in the ocean and we

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A Millennial Interpretation of Tony Robbin’s “Ten Rules for Success”: how applying it can change your life and/or impress your mom

Tony’s Ten Rules for Success (Unauthorized Interpretation by: Beau Didier) … Oooohhh, be careful, Beau. Don’t f*ck this up funny man… Be honest, that’s what you thought when you read this title. That’s ok. Subject matter I’ve written about in the past dictates you should think that way. Last week my mom told me she was

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