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10 Selfish Reasons I Wish for Peaceful Resolution in Korea

10 Selfish Reasons Why I Wish for Peaceful Resolution in Korea   I started to write a disclaimer. I stopped and decided to make the disclaimer the concluding number on the list, out of respect. People offer their lives and their service protecting their countries. That’s the highest form of sacrifice and something I would

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Korean 101

Again, sorry for the delay between posts. March in Asia is a busy time for me: Gonzaga is in the Final Four and I’m learning Karate from a weathered janitor who says he’s legit. … Sadly, I am not yet fluent in Korean. I was eager, initially, assuming upon arrival a few conversations with locals

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Farewell to Okinawa; an Ode

This won’t be an ode. Not per the actual definition, anyways. I can’t form lyrics and poems are hard. Tribute below (culturally/grammatically flawed): I’ve been here for nearly a month. That is a long time. Certain people have endeared themselves to me. The views and the sounds are things I look forward to every day.

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